Stunning Ghost Pictures Caught!

Merrifield Picture Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. omg this is the best video u made

  2. idk yet let you know after i watch it someother time sorry

  3. piepie5432154321

    i beleive in ghost but i dont believe in those pepol who talk to the this vid looks preety lagit i hav a house thats huanted a few blocks down and if you want to check itout ill give you the adress me and my brothers been in there and there was defintly ghost in there

  4. that really creeped me out, the little girl one 😐 Woaaaah well just remeber , do not provoke them, just talk with them 🙂 unless they are demonic, then call in an exorcist 🙂 xxx

  5. you mean a digital recorder, those are what record evp’s. You can get them anywhere with electronics basically. I got mine at best buy but they got em at wal mart, target, etc.

  6. myoblivion123

    Awesome, I can clearly see that isn’t fake.
    But I just wonder, have you any idea where I can get an EVP recorder?

  7. thank so much!!

  8. looneyslyrics

    Keep up the good work, dude! We can clearly see that its no fake!

  9. Thank you very much!

  10. Looks like a great investigation. Well done.

  11. hiilovepatrick777


  12. no problem thanks for watching!

  13. mysteries2solve

    Good pics thanx for uploading them

  14. Those are the real deal I can tell and I’m not even an expert

  15. Very well said! I appreciate it, thanks!

  16. IconoclastBabe1

    What you are doing is very important, and I particularly like the fact that you come right out stipulate that none of your evidence is faked. The idea that any and all evidence of the paranormal must be faked, just because someone has a personal bias against life after physical death is dumb. There are too many feet on the ground – too many people doing the research – too many people experiencing the paranormal for it not to be an actual phenomenon. Well done HBK2319.

  17. well thats YOUR opinion. Thanks for the comment though!

  18. jacob19adkins

    Ok no offense but this is stupid and fake. If ghosts were real whom ever discovered them would be very famous and everybody would know about him/her. I do not believe in the paranormal

  19. thanks man!

  20. Thanks

  21. Nice captures!

  22. damn….. You gotta love doin this shit! nice pictures..

  23. parrythepentagon

    thats FREAKY

  24. no problem, but i completely understand you cuz probably 75-85% of the videos on youtube are fake and I can admit that. I can also admit that many people attempt to trick people in thinking their videos are real. Many programs on the computer can be installed and could let you manipulate videos and make it look “paranormal”. So i know what ur talking about

  25. Yes, I admit that I waste loads of time on youtube. I like to watch and comment on videos. As far as paranormal videos, I am hopeful that one day technology will improve to the point where we can get honest proof that real ghosts exist. Perhaps it could evolve into a medium in which we here in the living world can communicate with those in the spirit world. Until then I remain skeptical. Sometimes, I just troll for lolz.

    Thanks for answering my questions btw.