Oct 16

A Big Day Ahead of Rachael Smith as Exhibition Date Arrives

Rachael Smith, a photo enthusiast by nature, is soon going to arrange her very own photography exhibition.

With a constant support from her husband, she is waiting for the upcoming big day. A resident of Palmerston North, Rachael has been taking pictures for a long time but as far as showcasing them in an exhibition is concerned, it is going to be her first time. The exhibition is going to take place at Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts Gallery.

In the exhibition she will showcase her photographs based on the place Manawatu as she is willing to bring out the scenic beauty of the place. Around twenty-five prints will be showcased, and the collection is named as Heart Standing Still. She finds the place very much appealing so she has chosen that location for her main theme of the landscape photography.
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Aug 16

2015 Independent Photography Festival in London

For the 4th year in a row, the 2015 Independent Photography Festival has assembled a group of fresh photographers to take a deep glance at what’s going on on indie photography scene at this point of time.

This year is the inaugural global edition of this Australia-based festival with events taking place in New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne at the beginning of this month, and at the present eleven-day showcase in London, United Kingdom.
This is an initiative that London, which is indulging into more and more into photography, has been calling out for: an opportunity to see new snaps hung on walls, instead of just posted online, participate in photo-based workshops, as well as get a feel for what other issuing creative things are coming up with in the city at this point of time.
Hard Workers Club co-founder Joe Miranda said that previous year, they reached a place wherein they had presented 3 years of programs and it sort of became its own ceiling—they were making great work with amazing artists and producers and creators, but outside support was not there it required to be to give them the resources they felt they should have access to.
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Mar 16

Photographers’ ‘Flash Mob’ in a wedding

In a marriage reception back in 2013’s September, photographer Tammy Bryan as well as the couple decided to have a bit of fun with the invitees by arranging a flash mob. Bryan, the organizer of Greater Cincinnati Photographers Club, and she asked hundred of the group’s photographers to serve brighten up the first dance.

Flash Mob

As the couple started their first dance, a stream of photographers started to trickle in, including Cheshire Wedding Photographer Tim Hensel, and each one sporting a black “Event Photographer” shirt as well as carrying a camera and flash. As the music wound down, the photographers turned into a dazzling light show for the attendees. Bryan was ecstatic after that and he wrote that they successfully pulled it off. But everything did not go according to plan. She told that her bride has a wardrobe malfunction at just the wrong time with hundred photographers there to forever capture the moment.

Speaking about photography, it must be stated that Fujifilm really has an interesting sense of humor. At their major press conference today, Jenny B Campbell, the company Vice President, made an unusual controversy for the profits of its pro mirrorless cameras over regular DSLRs. He said that if you have a new mirrorless camera, you will be able to carry two cans of beer as DSLR cameras take a lot of space in the bag. At the event, they even presented a slide show of their thought.

Dec 15

Ivan Blanco wins Best Sunshine International

Best Sunshine International Ltd.’s photo competition winners previous month would be presented with their honors this day. The open photography competition gathered around two-hundred entries in just the week that it ran.

Tao Xing, the chief services officer, told that they are happy to see their community’s flooding out response to their photography competition.  With so many great entries received, Best Sunshine had difficulty winnowing down the entries.

Ivan Blanco, the first place winner, has won because of his photo titled “Makeshift Playground.” It features a five-year-old girl surveilling the ocean—her “playground”—from a improvised cover made from discredited pine tree branches, underneath a PlainSailing.com sign.

Jack Stewart’s Simba that means to go to Mass in Tagalog, received the 2nd spot. It depicts a young boy holding on to his mum as they line up for hot meals offered by Kagman Community Church as part of its relief campaigns after Typhoon Soudelor. Macy Manzanares and Fredereic Guintu won third spot for their entries “Healing Saipan” and “School 101.”

Xing told that these snapshots shows them how the members of the community clambered during Typhoon Soudelor and how they coped in their consequence. Every snapshot tells a tale. Every photo is a memory. Each photo memorializes the people’s resiliency, a testament to the people’s will to survive. These photographs are an ode to the victory of the human spirit. Xing also thanked everyone for participating in the event.

Jun 15

Japanese Temples banning photography for rude and disrespectful tourists

Any traveler or travel photographer will tell how important it is to respect the places that you are going.

It applies as much for natural surroundings as it applies for sacred manmade places, and it is the latter of these which are having to prohibit photography because of disrespectful tourist photographers who do not abide by this fundamental rule.

As per Naver Matome and Kyoto Hotel Search, Buddhist temples located in Kyoto are prohibiting photography because of the way travelers are acting at the temple premises. All these beautiful manmade locations beg to be photographed. Tourists are not just bothering those who are visiting the temples on pilgrimage, some are even going as far as blocking the pathways with huge tripods and taking stroll through gardens which are off-limits to receive unique perspectives. Continue reading →

May 15


Merrifield Photo Movie Rating: / five

Apr 15

jak wyciąć obiekt i wrzucić na inne tło.wmv

Merrifield Photo Video Score: three / 5

Apr 15

Wildlife Photographer of the Year to stop at Plymouth

An international exhibit of the best in nature photography is all set to feature at the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery from March 28 to May 30. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, launched in the year 1965, is now in its fiftieth year and has got 42000 entries from ninety six different nations.

100 winning photos from the most recent contest have been showcased at the Natural History Museum, London, since late 2014 as well as Plymouth has been selected as one of 10 British places to arrange the exhibit on it their world tour. Peter Smith, the Deputy Council Leader, told that they are very happy to be included on the tour and hope people would make the most of this scope to see some of the world’s best wildlife photography while it is on display in Plymouth.

Mark Tosdevin, Museums manager, said that the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest is the leading event of its kind for nature photographers and it is really grown in stature over the years. The resulting exhibit attracts millions and millions of visitors throughout the world and offers inspiring images which highlight the diversity and variety of the natural world. Continue reading →