Thai Ghost Captured on Cam – Photo with Child

Merrifield Photograph Online video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. theinfamousmrsleep

    It’s just a skinny emo kid looking for attention….
    fucking dickweed.

  2. yeah i think its fake too
    u can never tell a fake from real anymore
    so just watch it for fun
    untill u experience it urself, ull have nobody to turn to
    it will make a great horror movie

  3. I dunno about you guys but I’m suddenly yearning for a delicious pad thai.

    I wouldn’t mind a nice hot and spicy tom yum soup either!

  4. Angie HotChilliFairlop


  5. me too. I’m afraid it’s gonna be some shitty video where you got shock by a sudden scream with a creepy picture.

  6. why a ghost has a shadow?….FAKE

  7. FAKE

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!

  9. MrVivalkiller

    สัสใครเอามาลงว่ะ sub ก็ไม่ขึ้น ฝรั่งแม่งก็งงไปดิควายเอ่ย 555

  10. 1:23 HOLY CRAP … IT’S A REAL PERSON !!!

  11. AtestBCDEtest

    OMG I just had to stop everything from laughing so hard. Wiping tears now. Thanks for that!  ROTFLOL

  12. jajajajajaja, fake picture

  13. Fake,because for some1 who doesn’t have knowledge and skill in photography tends to shoot with subject in the middle. The photo are focused on the 2 subject’s middle which mean it’s intended to get both image in the centre.A simple yet lousy flaw

  14. because its in a different language. dumb ass

  15. just a bunch of testimonies of neighbors who say there was lots of stories of rape n murder around there.
    apparently there was a girl raped and killed
    what i think that there are lots of real ones out there
    and also lots of fake ones that ppl made to trick money outta ppl
    u just cant tell anymore
    so i just watch n hope i dont ever meet one alone

  16. That ain’t no ghost!! Thats just your friendly neighborhood Slenderman! (:

  17. stepdaddyshit

    lmao on this comment

  18. so do I. damn popup screamers

  19. i was looking up batteries, how did i get here?

  20. For those who doesn’t understand Thai. At the end, the expert said this photo is questionable. It looks fake and has been photoshop.

  21. sonofabitchpantamiid


  22. ghost is trying to become thailand idol..

  23. wtf r they saying cant understand a f****** word..

  24. there language sounds funny…