Lecturer’s photography to be the highlight

For Jillian Duquaine Watson, documental photography offers a new perspective of natural world. In the last few years, the senior lecturer in School of Interdisciplinary Studies has gone to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge each month or two to click snaps of native animals and plants. The Friends of Hagerman NWR Foundation also named her as the Photographer of the Month for January.

Duquaine-Watson stated that this is the very first time she has gotten a solo exhibit and this is a huge deal for him. This is huge honor as some of the other folks who clicked snaps at Hagerman. She has seen their snaps and they are snaps are very beautiful.

An online gallery, this month, features the portfolio of Duquaine Watson that includes twelve snaps photographs clicked at Hagerman. She stated that refuge would also display her collection on-site as well as incorporate it in educational programming.

Meanwhile, Kerr AT ambassador and Wildlife photographer Alex Cearns, who has been describes with macro photography, spoke about macro photography as one of the most accessible genres of photography. Almost any subject could create an interesting macro click are all around everyone all the time, just waiting to be taken.

Cearns, as a wildlife photographer, specializes in clicking snaps of animals and nature. As a result, this is not very uncommon for her to take pictures of popular animal subjects, like a dog’s face or a pelican, but offering them in a fresh and new way though macro photography. She told that birds, domestic pets, and fish all make great creature subjects. Flowers, grasses, rocks and bark patterns also make fantastic natural subjects.


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