How to make a painted grunge border with Photoshop – Week 71

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  1. i love all your work Gavin, you always make sure that every detail are well explained and understand in your tutorial. Keep up the good work and thank you for teaching and sharing your works to us.

  2. Very good tutorial and better still It taught me so much. Well I am so new to this digital stuff and even the computer but you are a great teacher. Love it thanks Gavin One question I have is would it work when I use Gimp and not photoshop. Going to buy photoshop as soon as i can. Have to try and find out ay? Keep them coming. take care

  3. Absolutely Amazing work Gavin! I love your tutorials and the only question I have about this particular one is… What if you wanted to paint those borders and then turn them into a brush that you could then use on another image… Perhaps even a signature that you could use on every photo, what process would you follow to achieve this?

  4. Brilliant!

  5. I’m just now delving into doing grunge type designs, and this is fantastic. I so appreciate your very clear…and not too fast, descriptions. I am definitely going to create some borders as you have done here. Thank you for the wonderful tip! And Happy New Year, too!

  6. Gavin for President!

  7. streamlinesofficial

    What would I do about the corners? I can see that where the two strokes overlay each other, it darkens and causes an obvious square in each corner.

  8. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I watched other videos and ran into problems but this video actually taught me how to overlay! (I should have read it properly because I thought it was going to be on how to create a border) BUT I can fix it! Thanks, you’re a great professor. BTW this is my first creation in Photoshop :]

  9. YOU are such a good teacher 🙂
    jus luv ur tutorialz 🙂

  10. You’re amazing and you voice is such a pleasure to listen to.

  11. loveandpoetry1306


  12. we’ll get our camera”
    *pulls out telescope*

  13. I love your videos. They’re very easy to follow. THANKS.

  14. orthodoxdaily

    dude, you rock

  15. wow! i really loved it <3

  16. You’re awesome Gavin.

    I have a question. Why did we have to make the 50% gray layer in the first place if we had to ignore it? Because merging the multiplied grunge border layers lets us change the blending modes again to overlay.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. You are the best tutor ever!!

  18. awsome! might try it out once, only thing i didn’t like was the border overlay in the left-bottom corner, but that is easy to fix. your awsome! 🙂

  19. Wow, you are God sent thank you

  20. munciephotography

    fantastic and helpful.
    I do not understand the purpose of the grey layer. (when I try it without maybe I will understand)

  21. Thanks for the great tip!
    By the way – if you merge the four layers that make up the border – THEN lower the opacity, you won’t wind up with those dark squares in the corners where semi-opaque layers are “doubled up”.
    Thanks again for the great tip – I love those “grunge” borders and will be trying this one soon!

  22. wow man thanks..impressive…ive been finding the whole day for a tutorial that can be easily understand..

  23. The texture and the photo of the leaf are all my own work.

  24. that is just beautiful! i love those creative ideas that you have!
    just one question. did you take that photo? or is it just a painting?

  25. CasRayDigital

    Great Job Once again !!!