Ghost at Baker Hotel

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  1. these are epic man I’m subscribing

  2. @MyOEmpireBand we did this a few years back and were the only ones in there. Not sure about today, I think cops watch it but are very lousy.

  3. MyOEmpireBand

    anyone know if this place is safe to go to at night? i hear some gang uses the 4th floor as a territory thingy.

  4. I didn’t hear any footsteps on the audio! It’s so sad that these people lost their lives

  5. @MsStaplefoot we did this investigation a few years back and it was watched but really easy to get in….

  6. Do police watch the Hotel a lot? I want to go in it or at least by the pool to take pictures for a college project but i don’t want to get arrested.. haha

  7. Dude…you are just begging for attention aren’t you? Parents don’t give you enough so you gotta desperatly get it from other people. Wow, thats really low..ATTENTION WHORE!!

  8. you really are the thinking mans answer to fuck all!

  9. oooo creative! Like I said, grow up, we are done here…..You creepy pedo!

  10. DragonNPuppyGirl


  11. thank you very much!

  12. I like this video very much you just got a new suscriber cuz i wanna see more i like that you don’t upload stupid videos to scare people or things like that you know fake. 🙂

  13. thanks very much!

  14. very true but our camera was not looking that direction at the moment

  15. ahh.. you can do a lot with still photography.. however motion picure is more covensing.

  16. I could see the dark figure which looked like a figure of a woman. This place feels eerie and seeing the hallway I could just feel someone was there. It looks like she is turning the door knob. Great video and I’m subbed:)

  17. im going to a hotel tommorow than alot!! lol xxxxxxxxxx

  18. Lol…ok…

  19. hiilovepatrick777

    *I am

  20. hiilovepatrick777

    I-I Ian scared

  21. haha!

  22. Dude ever since I seen this I don’t feel like sleeping in any hotels x_x

  23. thanks dude!!

  24. Villiscaband1

    Awesome job again man!

  25. in the normal photo you can see something black at the end of the hall