Gallery showcases photography of the Venice carnival

There are no shortages of well known cities in Italy – and Trieste is one of the most intriguing cities, forged by hundreds of yesr colliding and different cultures  Italian, Balkan, Austrian etc. It was in the multicultural setting in which Donatella Davanzo was born. This is the same place that that probably shaped her interests in life.

Her very first experience with photography goes back to her childhood days. Recently in an interview, she told that she was a little girl when she got her very 1st camera, and she discovered a passion for photography. She was very shy, and after that photography became a remarkable way to express herself.

Her love for photography soon mixed with hers passion for cultural variety and its people. That is why she got a degree in anthropology and ethnography at University of Inverness. After that, she begun working as an anthropology photographer. She uses and considers photography as an ethnographic path to read different cultures.

In the year 2008, she was nominated official photographer for Trieste. She told that it is a genre of photography which attempts to tell and capture the oddments of the place to show its varied and considerable architectural, religious, landscape and cultural heritage.

Trieste added that the main goal of his research is recording how societies model and inhabit the space they stay in, and how the context affects their customd and cultures. In the year 1997, her work took her to American Southwest for the 1st time.

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