Jun 13

Eurofighter Typhoon starts 2013 Amateur Photography contest

Eurofighter PR and Communications is set to start the quest to see Gaz’s successor since this year’s contest is announced, May 14, 2013. The contest attracts a high level of interest with photographs of Eurofighter Typhoon coming in from a collection of skilled and keen amateur photographers.

The contest of this year will run till October 31, 2013. Chief judge, and a well known expert of Typhoon photography, will be Geoffrey Lee. He told that this is the right platform to prove that amateur photography can be very extraordinary.

Lee points to the 2013 Eurofighter calendar’s front cover as a beautiful example of an atmospheric snap – a photograph taken over RAF Conings by Gaz West. This is the same person that won the 2012 Competition.

The calendar was released across the world and it got incredible feedback, stating that you does not have to be a pro photographer to click professional images of Typhoon.

The winner of this year’s contest will be revealed during Dubai Air Show in November. The judging panel will include last year’s winner Gaz and all the judges will meet at the Eurofighter Hallbergmoos to select the winning photograph. The title winner will get a guided tour of Eurofighter from an experienced Eurofighter pilot as well as have their snap featured in 2014 Eurofighter calendar.

Apr 13

Rutgers Photography Club

Even though Pema Kongpo is a  senior student of the School of Engineering, she loves photography and recently she had a scope to exhibit her photography work at Rutgers Photography Club’s yearly photo exhibit previous night in Douglass Campus Center.

The exhibit called – Exposure – featured the artwork of twelve photographers who caught everything starting from portraits to landscapes to events throughout the country. Pema shared snaps from her tour to India on a Buddhist pilgrimage. During her visit, she went to one of India’s poorest states – Bihar.

She told that one could see the pain in people’s eyes. It is sorrowful, but colorful and smiley. Some people love to smile in spite of poor condition. Mot of the artists featured in the exhibit are not photography minors or majors. The Photography Club pulls in people from all disciplines and majors ranging from engineering to journalism, stated Pooja Kolluri, the president of the club.

Kolluri, who is a School of Arts and Sciences junior, stated that the club is really just a good place to invent your interests as well as have a good time. The club begun so long ago that no members can call up the exact year or time. Also, this used to be strictly for photography majors, but now it has expanded to include all those who really have a good love for the art, stated Jeff Mart, the vice president of the club.

Mar 13

Mary McCartney speaks about photography

One day, Mary McCartney was flicking TV channels when she came across an episode of US sitcom Will & Grace. In the show, Will attends a charity auction and gets a portrait session along with a celeb photographer named Fannie Lieber, that is played by Glenn Close.

Forty three year old Mary laughed hard as she recalled the plot of the show. Her approach to clicking snaps is just about as far removed as possible from Fannie Liebers’. She told that she always try to make a connection with the person she is photographing. She added that she does not want to just come away with a shot that she think is interesting.

It is a sensitive and empathetic approach to photography, but this is one which offers some beautiful results. Subjects, mainly celebs, appear to relax when Mary McCartney turns her camera on them. The pictures often feel genuinely spontaneous and intimate, as if we are peering in on an unguarded and private moment. Mary McCartney has choosen around fifty of her favorites for a mid career retrospective – named Developing, which opens this week in Manchester’s Lowry in Salford Quays.

Mary tells that her mom was quite a wanderer. She had a sense of cheekiness and adventure to her that is something she like and that she attempt to take into her style of work. Once she went for an Indian lunch and she grilled her mom about her early career in photography and mainly about the people she was hanging out with.

Feb 13

Moss to conduct lecture session

The Ojai Valley Photography Club is all set to welcome Gary Moss in their February meeting. There Gary will lecture as well as offer a presentation on – Inspiration. Highlights will have making a personal style with ones pictures and the procedure of producing a different king of visual style which has soul and impact. The presentation will start at 7 pm, on 19th February with the Help of Ojai’s Kent Hall, 111 Santa Ana Street, Ojai, CA.

Gary is a well known professional photographer and he is 805 Living magazine’s Photo Editor. With more than twenty five years of experience, Gary has built a good reputation as well as amassed a fecund body of work which specializes in editorial photography, advertising, celebrity portraiture, food and travel. His magnificent way of making beautiful pictures from any subject matter keeps him in a high demand.

Gary’s pictures has had an editorial look. Most of his snaps are generally clicked in one discipline. His photography work crosses which discipline as he creates magnificent pictures from a variety of dissimilar genre.

His seminars are also very enjoyable and exciting and informative. He is a mentor, educator, photo editor, photographer as well as a funny guy whose presentation will appeal to snaps of all skill levels. Go to Gary Moss’ website for more infos and about his pictures

Jan 13

Nature photography contests in early 2013

If you love to take pictures of nature or wildlife, then it might win you a huge prize. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife is all set to host a new photography competition. The 2nd annual photo contest of Lake Pueblo State Park will take place in conjunction with annual Eagle Day Festival in the park. The event will start from 1st February and will go on till 3rd February, 2013.

The last date to enter the competition is 17th January, 4 pm. Photographs must be of a scenic place or even a native wild place located in Southeast Colorado. Both professional and amateur photographers can go to eagleday.org to know more about the whole contest as well as all other Eagle Day activities.

The photography competition is open for everyone, both for professionals and amateur photographers. Prizes will be handed to both young and adult photographers in wildlife and scenic categories. On 1st February, at 7 pm at the auditorium of Lake Pueblo State Park, photographer Todd Huffman will announce the name of the winners.

This is not the only photography competition which is to be held recently. There is another photography competition to be organized by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. Snappers throughout Worcestershire have been invited to be a part of this annual photography contest and help to raise funds for wildlife. The winners will feature in the 2014 calendar of the charity. Each year, only photographs taken inside the reserve are taken but, this year trust will allow pictures that have been taken throughout Worcestershire.

Dec 12

Dan Elster speaks about his wildlife photography skills

Dan Elster, the Ashland wildlife photographer, has got few tricks to get wild animals close to him. He told that he would never make any eye contact with the subject, whether it is a coyote or a sparrow. He never acts like a predator; he does not creep, he just moves slowly.

Dan knows which animals tens to be wary and which animals tend to be unworried with human presence. He tells that he hid himself in his car from coyotes in Klamath Basin, the place where they are generally hunted, but he easily approaches gulls or brown pelicans in Calif.

Elster is actually from Chicago. He traveled the whole country capturing pictures of wildlife. He and his wife moved to Phoenix and then they settled to Ashland with their two small kids. Elster’s ability to spot animals and wildlife is amazing and he is perfected it through 8 years of wildlife photography.

His wife sometimes tells that he has got radar, and now he has reached a point where he cpuld not turn it off. Dan sells his art work at different events throughout the West and also exhibit pictures in several settings.

On the Thanksgiving weekend, Dab will display his pictures at Lithia Artisans Christmas Faire in Historic Ashland Armory. The exhibition will start on 23rd November and will go on till 25th November. There is no entry fee at the event. Dan believes that one needs to be patient to get stunning pictures, and yes, luck is also needed.

Nov 12

Tim Walker talks about his “Story Teller” show

If you are looking for something extraordinary, a quick glance at Tim Walker’s exhibition held at the Somerset House, London, is must. The exhibition will amaze you for sure. Walker, known for his amazing photography style, recently spoke about his five year journey in the world of photography. The exhibition showed his finest works and his never-ending journey through those pictures.

The exhibition was arranged with aid from Mulberry, the British fashion brand for whom Walker has shot campaign since the past four years. Frankly speaking, their pairing has been made in heaven for the spring models of 2012 posed on the Brighton Beach. When Walker was asked about his favorite picture in the exhibition, his answer was quite surprising.

He said that he thinks himself as the happiest one with the finest portraits. He mentions the name of the some of the famous faces like Vivienne Westwood, Alber Elbaz, Helena Bonham and some of the unknown models. Walker said that when someone is dealing with all such things for a long time, it is very obvious that the person will be enjoying each and every moment of his life.

Walker says that the set up and the white color background has been the same since the birth of photography but the pictures are different. He explained that photographers make that same background interesting by adding creativity. That is what makes them move on and on. Those who have not seen his amazing work are requested not to miss the chance of exploring his finest works at the exhibition.

Oct 12

Pendergrass preparing future generation through photography

Camera’s flash is just more than clicking snaps for few young people in Charlotte. And these impactful lessons in photography are creating differences in their days to come. Mark Pendergrass is a person who mentors young people by teaching photography.

He told that as their teacher, he wanted to see them succeed. He wanted to watch them do well as it would make him proud. Whether it is in Bobcats arena or they received a snap posted on the school yearbook.

He teaches the children about life skills and serves them to build in confidence. He told that providing extra exposure on things in life they had never experienced. It might be something like as going to a football or a basketball game or shooting a parade.

Pendergrass begun teaching Troi Montgomery around four and a half years ago. He recalls Montgomery assuming that he would never have his own camera. At present he is majoring in photography at the CPCC. He had taught him whole lot of things about networking and how to use a camera, how to ask someone to click a picture and how to speak to people. Troi thinks that Mark is just more than a mentor. He told that Mark had done a lot for him to be very honest.

Gianna, Mark’s daughter, is in 7th grade at present and she really enjoys staying during the photography lessons and she also wants to be a photographer. Mark added that everyone have to prepare the future generation in any way possible. He did it through the use of what he love – photography. And other people can do it in their own ways.