Canon PowerShot SX40 HS review

Merrifield Photograph Online video Score: 4 / five

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  1. shortsharpreviews

    FZ150 the best choice for video.

  2. shortsharpreviews

    I’ve just reviewed the HS30 at Expert Reviews (moving house and no time to make a YouTube video, sorry). Both great cameras but of the two I’d go for the SX40.

  3. Ur reviews are amazingly crisp & awesome…just need 1 suggestion …i shot videos a lot than pics espcially of trains which is a moving object would FZ150 b d best choice or any other bridge camera u wud recommend as am highly confused between SX40 & FZ150…thank u in advance

  4. SX40 or Fuji HS30??

  5. Google CHDK before you make your final decision.

  6. shortsharpreviews

    That’s down to you :)

  7. shortsharpreviews

    I think you can get conversion lenses that strap onto the front but only to improve the macro mode, not to extend the telephoto for shooting faraway animals. Then again, it’s pretty good for that already.

  8. shortsharpreviews

    No, you can’t change the lens on this type of camera. The upside is that the lens is pretty versatile – wide-angle, macro, telephoto.

  9. xXDarkWolfXx961

    Should i get a panasonic fz150 or a canon sx40 hs.

  10. xXDarkWolfXx961

    What are the different lens for it. Mainly better zoom for far away animals.

  11. Can u get different lenses for it

  12. THIS or PANASONIC DMC-FZ150 ??? I’m looking for a camera this type, with very good image quality!!! both pictures and video!

  13. yeah this is the disadvantage

  14. Manual pop up which is better if you dont want Flash in your picture………….Manual is always considered as better control in photography

  15. There is a Hotshoe just covered by a plastic cap, secondly to calculate FPS you dont need to complete something for a second even in .001 second you can calculate the FPS…Its relative mathematics Screen resolution is not bad at all Its give almost accurate view what it supposed to be (you aint gonna store your images in your camera All the time are you??)

  16. If you want to decide on which one you’d go 150-fz or Sx40HS and if u consider the Sx40HS is CHDK enabled (hacked)?

  17. TrinityAugustin

    bought mine now yay

  18. i got this camera in april so i don’t have to worry about changing my dslr lenses on the go, and it is amazing!

  19. The video quality is so unreal, it almost looks like a movie. I just bought the camera yesterday and tried it out and I can say I definitely got my moneys worth.

  20. shortsharpreviews

    I’ve not tested the P510 yet, but with its 16-megapixel sensor I’d be surprised if it outperformed the SX40 HS for noise levels in low light. Its 42x zoom sounds pretty impressive though.

  21. what about the nikon coolpix p510?

  22. TrinityAugustin

    i want this camera so bad

  23. shortsharpreviews

    Again, the SX40 and G1X are very different to each other, so it’s hard to compare. SX40 has a massive zoom so good for sports, wildlife, sightseeing. G1X has fantastic image quality in low light – just as good as an SLR. So it depends what’s more important. I’ll hopefully be completing my review of the G1X soon.

  24. ThatoneCoolchannel

    what about the sx40 vs. the g1x? (which one is better for versality and good amount of different in-camera options?)

  25. i have it and i love it (: