Jodi Arias Takes Final Selfie Photos of Herself in Rental Car 1 Day Before Killing Travis Alexander

Merrifield Photo Video Score: four / 5

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  1. She’s a fucking HOE slut whoreeee FUCKING BITCHHH!!!!! SHE CAN BE MY

  2. I’d splooge on it.

  3. @UFCfan4lif3 beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I don’t see what you
    see that is so cute about Jodi. She has little beady eyes, a fat nose and
    fucked up teeth. She also has fake boobs, cellulite on her huge thighs and
    ass, as well has one ugly looking snatch. I am sure that you have seen the
    photos of her naked. Her twat hole and her asshole are wide open, loose as
    hell. You need to go look at more of her pictures. She is very careful of
    the ones that she posts, selecting only the ones that hide her flaws. She
    is vain and yet she is insecure at the same time. You know the thing that
    really makes her ugly? Her personality, the way she is able to lie so
    easily about things related to the murder with such ease and the fact that
    she has no real human emotions. I think she is very ill. I hope upon your
    search of photos of her that you come across one of her most recent ones
    that show her chin with wrinkles all over it. Can you imagine what she
    looks like now? Her inner “beauty” gets uglier as each day passes, her
    outside looks match that. Did you know that she was turned down by a
    modeling agency? She actually looks like Jennifer Willmott, her attorney,
    except for her chin, which is like I said all wrinkled up now. If you seen
    Arias now I bet that you wouldn’t think that she looks too good.

  4. Vangie houston

    Whats his point. She is pretty. Scary looking but I do think shes pretty.
    Iamjeona ur on all the videos obsessively bashing her looks, and I dont get
    the feeling its because of her crime. Simmer down lady!

  5. robin metrunec

    she is a lying, conning, decietfull, manipulative Bitch who deserves to Die

  6. She is so ugly her nose looks like a light socket

  7. Wow some people have literally nothing to do with their time lol, its funny
    but I think I’ll continue to thumbs down all posts by said noobs and make
    em squirm. (Troll :D)

  8. @Aililis x You make some good points about Jodi, but telling someone to put
    a bullet in their head an/or kill yourself some way kinda makes you seem a
    bit nuts. In my state(Missouri) there was a case where a woman posed as a
    boy on myspace and told a thirteen year old girl to go kill herself. Well
    the girl did, and the woman was charged with something( I don’t recall
    what) and now there are laws against saying things like that. just saying,
    watch what you say, and if you take things that personally maybe it’s time
    to log off.

  9. Vangie houston

    Stabby Arias, lol. 

  10. I wonder why she took these photos for. Just another crazy thing that she
    did or was there a reason behind it? I guess we’ll never know why.

  11. Vangie houston

    She is an attractive girl. Im not joining in on the witch hunt. I saw the
    48 hour mystery episode on its airing date in 2009 and she scared me with
    her eyes then so I formed my own opinion then. Scary and wouldn’t wanna
    deal with her on a personal level. She terrified me with those black eyes
    and I was pregnant. I pray though for God to forgive her. Thats all I can
    say. Don’t bash me. It doesn’t even phase me and I won’t reply. . 

  12. PrincessofErised

    She dyed her hair dark DURING her trip, she did not want the people back
    home to ask questions. Everyone in Mesa knew her as a blonde and dying it
    dark brown was an attempt to disguise herself. She gives all the clues to
    her thinking in her interviews with the police. She said, after the Det.
    told her that she had been seen in Mesa, that “they only knew me as a
    blonde.” Her thinking that they would never have recognized her as a dark
    haired person. She added, “I never even talked to anyone in his
    neighborhood and only went out to walk the dog”

  13. frankly ppl, it doesn’t matter how hot or ugly you think she is physically,
    what she did was horrible to the 100degree, she also as a borderline
    personality disorder and I have been diagn with this back in 2000 and we
    have a lot of rage inside, and we always think that the world is wrong so
    we are allowd to do wrong to the one’s the screw us over, OR that we THINK
    they are screwing us over, the key to this disease is balance and control,
    I know of what I speak, probably why I am still single LOL but seriously
    bpd are somewhat dangerous, but you also have to have a bit of spycho in
    you as well, and I don’t have any spycho in me.

  14. gg jodi, game over now muahahhahahhahahahhahahahhhhh

  15. +iamjeona i did watch most of the trial why do u think i was drawn into it
    so much? and she caught my eye i cant fully explain it i was just drawn in
    and i found myself relating 2 her on several fronts and something else real
    spooky but i wont mention that here her being on medication so what? at 1
    time i was on it as well i stopped cold turkey and never went back yeah
    back in the day even though i always worked out and told u i was former
    powerlifter i did however also abuse my body no not steroids u would think
    from weightlifting/powerlifeter but i did drink heavy differnt times in my
    life and was ino coke and crack this is true but havent done that in
    several yrs yes ive had various addictions in my life others as well i know
    it looks real bad 4 her she f-up big time no ?? she may have gone there
    thinking about taking him out we dont know but thinking about it is not a
    crime actually doing it is different it looks 2 me that this was a spur of
    the moment she snapped what made her snap? she said she was in fear of her
    life we dont know we wrent there they used each other the way the movie had
    it doesnt mean thats the way it went down yeah she handled it all wrong
    talked without a lawyer got caught in different stories i feel she was
    scared didnt know what 2 do she was in way over her head she had other
    relationships no one died she had no priors she aint no outlaw believe me
    on that its a terrible situation all the way around shes facing d.p. or l
    w/o p the whole country is against her the media has destroyed her she
    needs people on her side that can relate with her and that’s me my support
    4 her is real and i’m 100% dedicated and loyal i know u dont agree with my
    position but that’s what it is

  16. Beautiful brown eyes and beestung lips. She is very hot.

  17. catherine weiss

    i wont judge but shes obviously psychopath with no feelings for anyone and
    is narcissistic meaning only puts herself first no matter who is in the way
    she will distroy she is more dangerous than other murderers because you get
    ully conned and then bam your fucked.

  18. The narcassistic cunt took it to show her new hair colour . in her eyes you
    can read ”I am going to killl that bastard Travis and get away with it”

  19. Sealed her fate with her love of selfies and taking photos in general
    (shower pics). I read in her face the thought “oh sh*t, he got me again”.
    Just proves how delusional she is….. thinking she could seriously get
    away with this tragedy. Have fun in prison arias – you gonna be there a
    long long long time.

  20. catherine weiss

    and also she loves attention for what ever reason you can tell.

  21. +iamjeona of course u dont see any beauty in her because u envy her u envy
    JODI’S beauty along with her many talents it comes across in most of u
    posts u hate and envy on her makes U really ugly u can bet in this new yr
    my support 4 her will be stronger then ever and again jeona u aint willing
    2 lay nothing on the line in u hate 4 her so u comments mean 0 LVU JODI

  22. catherine weiss

    im glad im not fucked like that,i have been obsessed with a guy before but
    i never wanted to hurt him.

  23. That is the face of a manipulating narcissist. The autopsy photos of Travis
    speak volumes of her rage and of someone who had murder on her mind.

  24. I’m pretty sure that once someone got to know her, crazy trumped the looks
    and made her uglier than a zero. She’s average at best. Travis liked her
    because every other chick he dealt with was a Mormon and wasn’t putting
    out. Pretty sure the last few moments of his life, he realized that
    thinking with your dick and not your brain gets you killed.

  25. Crazy scorned psycho!