Jodi Arias’ Bank Statement Exposes Her Lies About Priceline & Car Rental

Merrifield Photograph Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. They should have tested this bitches physical ability as she tortured this
    guy starting with wrestling him into submission on a regular basis….woman
    look weak but especialy this one was not….

  2. How did she move the body???this girl was physicaly fit as seen in her hand
    stand on video…they have a lot of this crime wrong doubt she did
    it but i beleive i have a truer idea of how it went down…starting with
    the first pick of the guy being a selfie?takin his own pics in the shower
    pisaed her off….etc.etc.

  3. JM is a genius. He can remember all his arguments even without notes and
    ALL the sidebar interruptions the defense made today!! He is a man on a
    mission for the True Victims in this case and He accomplished that even
    without jodi’s help today. There is a thin line between genius and Idiot.
    jodi crossed that line long ago. Today just Confirmed it for sure…

  4. You’d think on this the day of reckoning she would sit up and take notice
    at whats being said. Instead she sits there scribbling and ignoring mr
    martinez with smirks, shakes of her head etc…Does she not realise the
    jury are watching or is she so arrogant she doesnt care! RIP Travis, Hoping
    justice will be done.

  5. Excellent videos, PK !! Jodi was not counting on Martinez’s finely honed
    and thorough detective skills at ‘going behind Jodi’s words’ to unearth the
    truth, as opposed to the continuous surreal / unreal distortions that Jodi
    has constantly cranked out during this trial; Travis was not a pedophile,
    her movements and decisions before the murder constitute pre-meditation,
    she has concealed and tampered with evidence, etc.; Game over, Jodi !
    ..Martinez wins !! Checkmate !! Justice for Travis !!

  6. jaun is awesome

  7. “Maybe Washington Mutual also subscribes to the Laws of Attraction.. They
    didn’t want to say anything negative” BAAAAHA! I love Juan Martinez.